A downloadable game for Windows

English version of the game. This game was released for the french magazine Canard PC contest : Make Something Horrible. Therefore, it is a game... horrible.

In The Kassocial Network, you will play a young girl looking for her life's sense.

And what are the ways to find attention when you don't have any skill at all?

Easy ! Just connect to your favourite social network, and post some random things to get some likes!

-Come right now to The Kassocial Network, and write sentences that will take part in the Humanity's History.

-Your objective : Select a post, and then press the right keyboard key before the timer's end.

-Each successful post will improve your morale.

System Requirements: A PC younger than 1950

Install instructions

-Download .Zip file

-Extract .Zip file

-Launch "The Kassocial Network.exe"

-Get the likes !


The Kassocial Network.zip 14 MB